Staines Masonic Hall

`a meeting place of Freemasons since the 1928`

Lodges, Chapters & Other Orders That Meet At Staines

Lodges That Meet at Staines

Lodge # Lodge Name Website Link
L1293 Burdett
L1567 Elliot
L1733 Sunbury
L2381 Bushey Park
L2536 Staines
L3420 Middlesex Masters
L4516 Spelthorne
L4970 Albert Duke of York
L5730 Old Hamptonian http://
L5904 Temple of Staines
L6187 Staines St Mary’s
L6435 Hampton http://
L6760 Laleham
L6836 West Drayton Gatehouse
L6869 Whitton Dene
L7028 Harmondsworth
L7307 Feltham
L7468 Stanwell
L8381 Bedfont
L8611 Shepperton
L8740 Malines http://
L8846 Tower of Heathrow
L8981 Blenheim Park http://
L9097 Hestwood
L9120 Prince Michael of Kent http://
L9190 Comet
L9325 Middlesex St George
L9388 Gordon Bourne http://

Chapters That Meet at Staines

Chapter # Chapter Name Website Link
C1293 Burdett
C1567 Elliot
C2536 London Stone
C3420 Middlesex First Principals
C3980 Draytonian
C5615 Father Thames http://
C7468 Stanwell
C8381 Bedfont
C9120 Prince Michael of Kent http://
C9190 Comet

Other Orders That Meet at Staines

Order # Order Name
727 18th Milestone Chapter Rose Croix
377 Centenary Chapter Rose Croix
533 Matthew Arnold Chapter Rose Croix
171 Staines Council of Royal & Select Masters
110 Staines Knight Templar Priests and Order of Holy Wisdom Tabernacle
858 Staines Lodge of Mark Master Masons
253 Staines Preceptory
523 Thameside Conclave Red Cross of Constantine
924 Tottenham Mark Lodge